University Entrance Award and Entry to University


Entrance to university in New Zealand is gained by achieving a set number of National Qualifications Framework credits at Level 3, plus meeting literacy and numeracy requirements. University Entrance is the minimum requirement for enrolment at a New Zealand University.


NCEA Level 3:    60 credits at Level 3 and 20 credits at Level 2.  This must include 14 credits in each of three approved subjects
NUMERACY: 10 Numeracy credits at Level 1 or higher
LITERACY:   5 credits at Level 2 or above in Reading + 5 credits at Level 2 or above in writing


Entry to University courses with limited numbers of places for students

Admission requirements for university courses are reviewed and updated annually. While University Entrance is a minimum requirement to apply for an undergraduate bachelor’s degree, the majority of courses have higher and specific entry requirements.

Universities publish Preferential/Guaranteed Entry Standards in their prospectuses. These are based on academic results; grade points are allocated to grades achieved, where an Achieved grade is worth two grade points, Merit is worth three grade points and Excellence is worth four grade points. Because of this, students seeking admission to limited entry courses should consider courses with more Achievement Standards than Unit Standards.

The majority of universities base their ranking on credits from subjects in the Approved Subjects list only.

Students should research tertiary courses they are interested in well in advance, checking with each tertiary institution to see entry criteria to courses.