Parent Careers Resource

Parent and/or caregiver engagement is an essential part of a young person’s career journey. They have the potential to influence their child’s career development, both positively and negatively. Parents foster the development of values, attitudes, and self-awareness in teens. Young people value parental support, especially during the career decision-making process. Parents’ own experience of education can influence young people’s decisions through sharing their journey and expectations. Parental engagement, in partnership with the school, is essential in supporting learning and career-related activities. In contexts where there is a high level of parental support, young people are better able to develop their career management competencies, which support career and learning choices. 

Feel free to speak to Lynfield College careers educators for support around helping your teen. Mrs Keir, [email protected] Careers Counsellor Mrs Harvey, Gateway Coordinator [email protected]

Below, we provide a collection of resources to help you support your young person on their career journey. This includes tips on how to talk to your teen about careers, understanding NCEA and subject selection and understanding tertiary pathways, among other topics. 

Click on the individual tiles to learn more. 

Gen Z & The Future World of Work
Talking to Teens about Careers
Understanding Tertiary Pathways 
5 Key Messages for Parents
Understanding NCEA and Subject Selection
Helping Teens make Career Decisions
Parents as the Passengers
Career Quizzes
Employability Skills
Gateway Presentation

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