Making Choices and Useful Information

Making Good Choices

This site provides a guide to planning your course for next year and into the future. Today's society is changing rapidly and so are the range of requirements for careers. It is important for you to prepare yourself by making smart choices that leave you a lot of options. To do this, here are some suggestions for you:

  • Keep your options open by choosing a spread of courses.
  • Do something that you like which interests you.
  • Discuss your options with your whanau, teachers, Faculty Leader, Dean, Academic Advisor, and/or Careers Advisor.
  • Consider what you will by studying in the future. If you don't know, that's okay too - picking something that interests you could also put you on the path to a career you may like!

Information to Note

  • Not all courses that are offered will run. This will depend on the numbers and the staffing available. The number of classes for each course will be dependent on the staffing and resources available.
  • Due to the pressure on specialist rooms and the nature of some courses, some classes will be taught outside the normal school timetable (ie flexi-hours). Agreement with this will be necessary before starting the course.
  • Your initial choices will be checked by your subject teachers, your form teacher,  teachers in charge of the course, and the faculty leaders. One or more of these people may make a more suitable course recommendation for you.
  • It is important to remember that we do our best to meet your choices but it is not always possible. Some students will have course clashes and will need to select alternative choices. This is why you have been asked to select a backup choice.
  • Select carefully as it can be difficult to change classes later.
  • Check which standards are being offered in each course. If the same standard is offered in more than one course and you are taking both courses, the credits can only be counted once.
  • If, after getting your results in January, you DO need to change a course (because you have not met the prerequisites OR because you have done better than expected) you will need to see your Dean, or Academic Advisor. Deans and Faculty Leaders will also be available for course confirmation the week before school begins.