Students Entering Year 10

The Lynfield College Curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students by providing a wide variety of courses available for selection. As this will be the a student's final year before NCEA, it is important that they choose their courses wisely. 


Students entering Year 10 at Lynfield College are expected to take EIGHT courses, including two options:

Mathematics*Physical Education
Science*Social Studies*
Option 1Option 2

*Students in the Advanced Learner classes may do NCEA Level 1 in one or more of these courses.

Students doing the Advanced Learner programme in Year 10 will be identified by the Faculty Leaders of these courses, the current Year 9 Dean, Mr Neil Waddington (Academic Advisor) and Mr Richard Winn (Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning) before the end of the year so that students can be properly placed in their Year 10 course.

Options Selections

Students entering Year 10 may select two options. You will also be asked to choose another option as a backup in case your first option choice is not available.

You should select these options carefully as these options could give you important skills for a pathway that you may choose in your journey through NCEA. 

The options available at Year 10 include:

CommerceGerman    Chinese
JapaneseDanceTe Reo Maori
Design and Visual CommunicationMusicDigital Technologies
South Pacific CourseDramaTechnology: Hard Materials
MechatronicsFood TechnologyTechnology: Soft Materials (Fabrics)
Visual ArtsMaori and Pacific ArtEnglish Language Support *
Music Academy

* For students needing extra English

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