Students Entering Year 10

The Lynfield College Curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students by providing a wide variety of courses available for selection. As this will be the a student's final year before NCEA, it is important that they choose their courses wisely. 


Students entering Year 10 at Lynfield College are expected to take EIGHT courses, including three options:

MathematicsPhysical Education
ScienceSocial Studies
Option 1Option 2
Option 3

Option Selections

Students entering Year 10 may select three options. You will also be asked to choose another option as a backup in case your first option choice is not available.

You should select these options carefully as these options could give you important skills for a pathway that you may choose in your journey through NCEA. 

The options available at Year 10 include:

CommerceGerman   Chinese
JapaneseDanceTe Reo Maori
Design and Visual CommunicationMusicDigital Technologies
South Pacific CourseDramaTechnology: Hard Materials
MechatronicsFood TechnologyTechnology: Soft Materials (Fabrics)
Visual ArtsMaori and Pacific ArtEnglish Language Support *
Music Academy

* For students needing extra English