Students Entering Year 11

The Lynfield College Curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students by providing a wide variety of courses available for selection. As students will be entering their first year of NCEA, it is important that they choose their courses wisely. 


Students entering Year 11 at Lynfield College are expected to take SIX courses. 

  • All students must take an English course. (All students must do four consecutive years of English - Years 9 to 12.)
  • All students must take a Mathematics and Statistics course. (All students must do three consecutive years of Mathematics and Statistics - Years 9 to 11.)
  • All students must take one Physical Education and Health course. With the dean's approval, they may do Physical Education as a seventh course in a before school flexi time period.
  • All students must take one Science course.
  • All students must select Two Optional courses

  • Students studying Level 1 Science in Year 10 must do Level 1 Science Physical and/or Science Biology in Year 11.
  • Students studying Level 1 Social Studies in Year 10 are encouraged do another Level 1 Humanities course (Geography and/or History and/or Economics and/or Accounting and/or an International language) in Year 11.

Other Information

  • Most courses consist of 18-20 credits.
  • To obtain Level 1 National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA), a candidate needs to get at least 80 credits. Within the 80 credits, at least 10 credits must be Literacy credits and at least 10 credits must be Numeracy credits. 
  • Courses are comprised of Achievement Standards, Unit Standards, or a combination of both.  
  • Some students could be recommended to take a particular course by their Dean or Faculty Leader based on their level of achievement in Year 10. 

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