How to select my courses

Log in using your school username and password.

Click on “My Selected Courses” on the left hand menu  


Your screen will show how many courses you have left to select.

Click on “Faculties”

A list of the different learning areas at Lynfield College will appear.  The boxes with a number in indicate you have to take a subject in that Faculty (e.g. in Y11 an English, Maths, Science and Health/PE subject).  Click on one of them.

You will be shown the courses available to you. Click on the one you agreed with your teacher is the most appropriate (they will confirm that this is the right choice for you later).

Check the information about the course, what you will be learning about, what courses it leads to, possible careers, any equipment, costs or prior learning that are needed, and what standards you will be assessed against.  If that all sounds good, then click on the green “+ Select as one of my courses” at the top of the screen. 

The course you just selected will appear on the right of the screen.  Click on one of the other compulsory learning areas and repeat the process


When you have selected all your compulsory courses, you can pick your options. Click on “No Course Selected” on the right to see a list of appropriate courses, and repeat the process you used for the compulsory courses. 

You are able to pick ‘back-up’ courses if you want, but you do not have to.  These will help your Dean if one of your selected courses is over subscribed.

Once you have selected all your courses, click on “My Selected Courses” on the left.

Check the list of courses, and then click on “Complete My Courses”

You are still able to make changes at this point, until your parent/caregiver signs in with their login details and approves your course selection.