Interested in the world in which we live! Humanities might be the area for you. Courses offered include Classical Studies, Geography, History and Tourism. 

All areas of study share a common focus on people and places and the interaction between them. So why study the Humanities? Students develop the knowledge and skills to enable them to:

  • better understand, participate in and contribute to the local, national and global communities in which they live and work
  • to think critically about societal and complex moral issues that are ever present in life.  
  • to consider the sustainability of alternative social, political and environmental practices.

Students develop these skills by studying the people, places, cultures and histories of ancient and modern societies, within and beyond New Zealand. In turn, as students explore how other societies see themselves, students clarify their own identities in relation to their particular heritages and contexts.

Humanities also prepares you for the future. It is said that your generation will have twice or even three times as many jobs over the course of your working life than your parents’ generation. Employers are looking for employees who can think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, work well in teams, can solve problems, and understand different cultures. These skills are abundant in all humanities subjects.

The result is the study of Humanities subjects produce curious, creative and empathetic young people who are well equipped to be the future decision makers, bringing a humanist approach to our rapidly evolving digital world.

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