Level 2 Chinese

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. Fang

Recommended Prior Learning

At least 5 credits gained internally AND 5 credits gained externally through NCEA Level 1 Chinese. Otherwise permission required from the TiC.

LEARNING ACTIVITIES: This course covers the national curriculum at Level 7. Students are able to express and justify their ideas and opinions in genuine contexts, and demonstrate understanding of a variety of written and spoken Chinese in the areas of school life in both New Zealand and China, hobbies and leisure time, travel and transport, festivals and customs. Basic Chinese-English translation skills is one of the key components of this course.

With the strong ties being developed between New Zealand and Chinese-speaking countries, career opportunities are increasing in trade, tourism, education (teaching), diplomacy, and technology amongst many others.



Assessment Policy & Procedures

Level 3 Chinese


Career Pathways

Sales and Marketing Manager, Interpreter, Customs Officer, Foreign Policy Officer, Importer/Exporter, Immigration Officer, Primary School Teacher, Translator, Private Teacher/Tutor, Secondary School Teacher, Travel Agent/Adviser, Marketing Specialist