Level 1 Accounting

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Reddy

Recommended Prior Learning

Literacy skills from English in Year 9 and Year 10.


Accounting enables the student to understand, process and communicate financial information for both an individual and a wide variety of business entities. It promotes self-management of personal financial and spreadsheets skills that are essential in daily life. Students also develop the ability to apply financial knowledge and skills to practical situations. It provides the basis for the accurate processing of data into meaningful information which in turn is analysed and interpreted to assist a myriad of users of financial reports to make wise decisions.

Course Outline

At Level 1, students study Accounting specifically as it affects individuals, households, community organisations and sole proprietor's businesses. It equips students with the ability to cope with the essential skills of modern money management regardless of the career path they choose in their future. 

This course provides a foundation for further study in Accounting and prepares students to work as an accountant, auditor, financial advisor, finance manager, policy analyst, and statistician. It also provides skills needed to record financial information if you were to run your own business.


Year 11 Options, Commerce

Assessment Policy & Procedures

Level 2 Accounting

Career Pathways

Accountant, Auditor, Accounts Officer, Finance Manager, Statistician, Debt Collector, Urban/Regional Planner, Emergency Management Officer, Technical Writer, Corrections Officer, Policy Analyst, Case Manager